Vasilis Palaiologos was born in 96' and comes from Athens, Greece.
His father, being a musician and a professional drummer himself, would be impossible not to have an impact on him. He was still very young, when he showed his aptitude for music and drums became his passion. While being very young, he was a member of many different bands. He graduated the Music School of Nikaia.
In 2017, he started his own You tube channel. Just now the solo album of George Kratsa "Overture Omega" has been released, in which he participates with the bonus track, "Ground Zero". At present, he is a professional live/session drummer. At the same time, he works as a music teacher. Apart from writing songs, he also composes for different instruments. He has performed live with several bands around Greece.

Vasilis chooses: Gabriel Drums and Vater Drumsticks.
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