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"Percussion 4One" is a percussion ensemble,which was created and formed by 4 musicians with great experience in the world percussion,
 who have decided to combine their own experiences, their own music routes but mostly their love and passion for music and percussion especially.
 Discovering new emotions and composing new sounds was their driving force to get united. In the music of "Percussion 4One", rhythms and colors from Latin America,
 West Africa, East Mediterranean as well as Greek traditional music are all coming together creating a modern sound and making them unique and one of a kind!

 Percussion 4one Members are:
 Nikos Ntarilas, Alekos Roupas, Theodore Chiotis, Vasilis Katsampelas

                                                           "When you dream of a drum that never heard before Gavrilos "Gabriel Drums"
                                                             is the one that can make it true and sound even better than you ever imagine !"
                                                                                                                                                        Percussion 4one.



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