Nikos Sidirokastritis Signature Snare


 Nikos Sidirokastritis 13” x  6” Signature Snare is constructed from 9 plies of wood,
some of them of different thickness.
40% Birch, 40% Beech & 20% maple and the exterior ply is Bubinga.
Top and bottom reinforcing hoops are placed inside the shell.
Features Gabriel’s solid brass tension lugs in Vintage finish and Gabriel’s
brass snare strainer with Gabriel’s snare drum snares.

45 degree bearing edges with round over.


"I feel the stroke like a straight line, so I want its quality to be precise and clear.
For this reason, Gabriel made a snare drum with a crystal clear tap, a wide frequency range
(high, medium, low) and snares that are not affected by the other drums.
Therefore, it gives me the ability to sketch/paint on the white canvas of silence with my drums
and spread the colors from the copper of the cymbals there."
Nikos Sidirokastritis






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