Alexander Nedelkos Signature Pad
nedelkos practice pad


"For quite sometime I was searching for a  practice pad that would simulate a real snare, without beign noisy but not complete soundless. At the same time, I wanted it to wear normal drum heads at 14 inches, to be able to tune it and control the rebound and the sound to resemble a drum. I discussed it with Gabriel Drum and they made it happen: a very practical and beatiful practice pad!"  Alexande Nedelkos


- 100% handmade, 8ply Trio custom shell from maple, birch and beech.

- Dimensions: 14Χ3,1/4 - 8 lugs hoop

- Encloses foam rubber for sound absorption

- It is easily converted into a timbales drum by removing the rubber

- It comes with Remo Ambassador head but you can easily outfit it with whatever head you like





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